Snowkiting Solo 101

Snowkiting solo is much easier than kitesurfing in water solo. In this post, I will show you how to do it.


Step 1: Introduce the ice screw into the ice. You can get a fancy one like the ones used for ice climbing or just get this cheap one on Amazon.

Ice screw for snowkiting


Step 2: Set up your lines into the wind and disentangle them. Then hook the bar to the ice screw.

snowkite lines connected


Step 3: Inflate the kite, walk towards the end of the lines, and place the kite with the leading edge pointing at the wind. Place some snow on top of the kite to keep it down.

how to snowkite setup

Step 4: Launch the kite at the corner of the wind window.

Snowkite launch


Step 5: Strap yourself to the snowboard, get the leash into the harness and lastly hook on to the bar.

snowboard snow kite

Step 6: Then Snowkite!


If not a lot of snow on top of the ice, be careful: the activity is no different than been pulled behind a car on a skateboard. Wear a helmet!

snowkite helmet

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