Fresno CA: not good for citylakers…

A city-laker comes back from work, puts on a swimming suit, walks out the backyard and wakeboards, windsurfs, paddleboards or swims.

Having a pond in your backyard does not make you a city-laker. Fresno CA  has a couple of ponds and that is it:

The goal of this website is to reveal the city-lake-life around the US. We started in Omaha where being a city-laker appears to be reasonably inexpensive. We so far have analyzed 7 lake communities in Omaha and have several more to go. A quick google search with the terms “Omaha Lakefront properties” reveals multiple relevant websites. The average commute from all these Omaha lake front properties is about the average American commute of 26.4 min (my commute to work is 21 minutes).

For the same money that you get to live in an old house (built on the 80’s) with 2 car garage in front of a pond in Fresno CA, you can live in a new home (2-10 years old), with 3-4 car garage on a real lake in Omaha NE.

Fresno does have Yosemite close buy, but by no means is a city-laker type of city…

Here is the little info on Fresno’s ponds that we were able to get..



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