Bluewater Lake Community in Valley NE: Review

I took the family for a bike ride around Bluewater. I find that when riding a bike you pick up details about your surroundings that you don’t when riding inside a car. It was a nice sunny day after several cold/ rainy/snowy days.

Bluewater has large streets

Bluewater is not the largest lake in the Omaha metro area but is huge at 228 acres.

Blue Water 228 acres

Most houses are big in this neighboorhood, but there is a section on the east side of the lake for smaller houses. They actually have 4 types of lots with different building and landscaping requirements.

Lake communities in the Omaha metro tend to have more space between houses compared to the ones in Phoenix for example.  Bluewater takes this to a nice extreme, with gigantic beaches and wide streets with lots of newly planted trees.

The community appears to be growing fast but still most lots are empty.

They allow wakesurfing and jetskis and have no-wake coves also for no motorized playing. 

Basements are not allowed.

Walking and biking around the community is a treat and there are several dead ends around the neighborhood that are perfect for kids to play.

A minor downside of Bluewater is that is farther away than most other lake communities, but only by about 5-10 minutes. If you plan to use the house for weekends that would not be an issue but for most citylakers communiting in and out, those 5-10 minutes add up in miles on your car and time. Still, the commute from Bluewater to most places in Omaha will be close to the average for the US.

For more details check our lake compare table.

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