Consider buying a Wind-SUP instead of a Stand Up Paddle Board to triple the fun!

SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle) boards are a must when you live on a lake. They are more comfortable to ride than kayaks and you definitely get a better view. On the bigger ones, you can transport the whole family!

If you don’t have one and you are planning on buying one, I think you should consider getting a Wind-SUP instead.

What is a Wind-SUP?

A wind-SUP is basically just a SUP with 2 more things:

  1. A small rail in the middle top (called the mast track) that allows you to mount a windsurf sail
  2. A retractable large fin the middle of the board called the dagger.


What can you do with a Wind-SUP

A wind-SUP is really no different than a SUP when you use it as a SUP. I actually prefer to SUP on my wind-SUP more so than on the fancy SUP we got from Costco last year.

But really the main thing with a Wind-SUP is windsurfing or course.

Windsurfing use to be very hard to learn with a very steep learning curve…. until Wind-SUPs were invented.

I started windsurfing about 2 years ago on a conventional windsurf board. Man, that was awfully hard. Despite been a decent surfer, kitesurfer and skateboarder, I almost gave up on the whole windsurfing idea. For some reason, I decided to try a Wind-SUP and oh boy what a difference. Windsurfing went from being painfully hard and dangerous on my needs, to an easy relaxing ride around the lake.

I own 2 wind-SUPs:

  1. BIC Sports WIND-SUP 11.6
  2. Exocet WindSUP 10

My wife and I really love the BIC 11.6 board. She likes it for SUP and I love it for windsurfing. Even during winter…


My little ones and her friends also have some fun with it:

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