With a Drysuit, keep having some Fall Fun!

Today was a gorgeous fall day: north breeze, 50-degree temps, clear blue skies and yellow/red/brown leaves everywhere. Most of my neighbors have wrapped things at the lake, and are getting their boats ready for storage.

Meanwhile, I have been able to enjoy the lake for another 2-4 months a year by using this drysuit:

When really cold I throw in hood and gloves:



I noticed the drysuit had some pretty bad reviews but I have had no issues since I bought this from Amazon in March of 2016 (the video below was from 10/17/2018). One thing to keep in mind is to never put on sunscreen around your wrists and ankles as that will destroy the rubber that wraps around them. If you have to use some sunscreen use a spray and never a lotion. 

I would say things are still enjoyable as long as sunny and temps above 50 degrees. Under 40 degrees the suit will keep you as warm as you want (by layering inside) but your hands will be the limiting factor. Similar to what happens when you go skiing. That been said, I am a masoquist and so tipically would go out up to when the lake freezes:

This video shows how to put the drysuit on:

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