Lake-scaping determines the market value of your lake house

Mallard Landing CoveThe lake-scape determines most of the market value of a lake house: huge beautiful, well-kept houses with suboptimal lake-scaping, stay in the market longer than ok houses with great lake-scaping. A potential buyer might be willing to overlook an old furnace, missing door or cheap shutters if they fall in love with the shoreline.

Citylakers should know about the types of shorelines and their maintenance requirements, and then decide whether they would DIY or hire a professional.

This article from Angie’s list goes over lake-scaping. There are 4 options for your shoreline:

  1. Native shoreline: use of native grasses and plantings to counteract erosion. Although erosion is decreased, they still require maintenance in the form of weed pulling.
  2. Beach shoreline: this requires replacing eroded sand on a yearly basis. I went over this topic briefly on this post. The cheap way is to have sand delivered to your driveway and then using a wheelbarrow to move it to the beach, for which you will need to be in great shape and have lots of time. The alternative is to hire a dredging company or someone with a mini excavator.
  3. Riprapped shoreline: this consists of a heavy duty fabric secured to the shoreline and covered with stones. For a riprapped shoreline to last, you need an appropriate slope (3:1) and good quality fabric tightly secured to the shoreline. The right type of stone is important also: limestone is bad for the fish and crushed stone will put holes on the fabric underneath. Fieldstone 6-30 inches in diameter appears to be the best choice.
  4. Sea Wall: this could be the most expensive upfront but with potentially the lowest ongoing maintenance costs.

Riprapped shoreline Mallard Landing Valley NE

A combination of the above could be applied to your shorline, like adding some plants at trouble areas on a beach shoreline, or combining a riprapped shoreline with a beach one.

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