The downside of having a beach in your backyard…

Erosion on beach from rainOne of the advantages of being a City Laker is having a beach in your backyard.  That been said, some beaches can be very high maintenance no pun intended.

Around our lake, I have noticed some beaches with almost zero erosion and others that constantly take a hit (I know of someone who has spent $30,000 in the last few years fixing his erosion). The villans include:

  1. Wake (Wake surfing is the worst)
  2. Rain
  3. Slope
  4. Backyard drainage system and retention wall.

The photo on the left shows what rain can do in a couple of days.

What I have seen people do around my community include:

  1. Throwing in more sand
  2. Hiring someone with a mini-excavator to dig the sand back up into the beach.
  3. Throwing a bunch of rocks on the shore
  4. Putting a sea wall
  5. The last one I can’t remember the name but is some sort of water vessel/barge that digs the sand and puts in in the beach (similar to the crane).

I know certain lakes covenants restrict some of the above so each lake community deals with the problem differently. For example some lakes with already too shallow water restrict putting in new sand.

Although I by no means an expert in how to solve this problem, I think that hiring a crane to dig up sand is not the best option: the erosion shown in the picture happened just a couple of weeks after a crane dug up the sand back into the beach.


The owners of that house decided to hire someone with a mini-excavator after a big storm created significant erosion and I think they paid close to 500 dollars. I can tell you the beach looks exactly the same as it did just a few weeks ago.

Other problems related to mini-excavator sand digging:

  1. Does not fix the root cause
  2. Creates a big step-off which can produce itself more erosion with water level changes.
  3. As I just witnessed in my community, it did not last more than a few weeks (or until the next storm)

Some solutions that I think might be more worth your money could include:

  1. Fixing your backyard drainage system
  2. Leveling your beach (that is what I would like to do with my beach if I knew how)
  3. Rocks or sea walls

Please look at this post as just the start of a conversation. I know there are a lot of City Lakers out there with way much more experience than mine who could comment below and help other fellow City Lakers…



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