Big Sandy in Ashland Nebraska: a hidden gem

I came across a very high-end lake community in Ashland: Big Sandy. Two things stood out right away:

  1. The ratio of acres-of-lake/lot is much higher than most other lake communities in the Omaha Metro, not buy a little but by a lot: 2 acres-of-lake/lot! The closest to that is Sandy Pointe at 1.2 acres-of-lake/lot. The lake measured close to 204 acres and there are less than 100 lots.
  2. Sandy dunes in the middle of the community! You can see the trails on Google Earth:

Sand dunes Big Sandy

Average home prices are higher compared to other lake communities in the area, with the low end at $700,000 and the high end at around $2,200,000.

The community is gated:

Big Sandy Gated Community

It is difficult to estimate the size of the average beach, but at a glance, they seemed larger than other communities:

Big Sandy has large beaches

The major downside for a commuting city laker is the above average commute: 42 minutes to the airport and 28 minutes to Costco, However, Nebraska Crossing outlets are only 14 minutes away. For someone working at both Omaha and Lincoln, this location might actually not be that bad.

As of today, nothing is for sale in this community…

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